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The Fun Side

December, 2013

In December, Pilgrim Basset Hound Club holds a Specialty in conjunction with Eastern Dog Club. This year, that show was in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Eastern Dog Club sponsored a Christmas Decorating Contest for Setups. WE WON!!!!

Our group that worked together included Judy Tuck - Cloverhill, Marci Horgan - Hilltop, Nancy Richmond - Vision, and Sue Frischmann and Candy Carswell representing Topsfield. We all had a blast. This year's theme was: A Charlie Brown Christmas.

A Charlie Brown Christmas:

The "Set Up" for the Kentucky Nationals 2011

For a number of years now, many of our New England friends have chosen to travel together or meet us at the Nationals. Like our Bassets, we like to be in a "pack".

We meet at Claudia Orlandi's, Topsfield Kennel and load into two big vehicles for the long trips. Sue and Candy from Topsfield, Judy from Cloverhill, and often our Aussie and other overseas visitors travel to the Nationals together.

In the years that Judy is able to go to our Nationals, she serves as our "Truck Captain", though more recently, we've elevated her status to General.

Often we are joined at the Nationals by Deirdre McKinnon, Anne Testoni and her husband Bjorn and Marci Horgan. It's great the breeders can work together for a common goal and enjoy themselves and the company of their friends.

October, 2008

judy sheepAt the Texas Nationals in 2008, the show committee offered a Snood Contest as entertainment. We all had a blast and we think that the crowd was pretty amused.

Our group that worked together that year included Judy Tuck - Cloverhill, Anne Testoni - Spectrum, Nancy Richmond - Vision, Denise & Bob Rushworth-Houndarosa,and Sue Frischmann, Candy Carswell, Claudia Orlandi & Bryan Martin representing Topsfield.

Costumes were made by Nancy Richmond and Anne Testoni. Our thanks to them, without the costumes, the sheep would have been bare!

The "Serta Sheep" appear in the Snood Contest:

Miscellaneous Moments over the Years

One of the best parts of showing dogs is having the opportunity to travel to other areas and spend time with friends.

Judy showing Gretel at the 2008 Nationals.
Judy helping with a litter at Topsfield in 2013
Judy with Roulette at a lovely show site in Maine in 2010 - It's a beautiful, fun site.
Judy with Roulette at a lovely show site in Maine in 2010 - It's a beautiful, fun site.

The "Set Up" for the 2007 Pittsburgh Nationals

The team from New England gathered at the Pittsburgh Nationals for a great time!